While not sure where the squirrel came from, we know we love to make cars perform. We do what we enjoy – cars, racing, and most importantly giving the glory to God. Join us as we explore our cars from the engine to the pavement, from building to racing, it’s all here!

Frank Katzenberger and Brian Bucar started The Squirrel Performance Group over 7 years ago. It laid dormant with sparse updates about our cars, etc. After the latest run with new web based tools and our up and coming product, we mean to do more!

We have developed a few tools to help car fanatics expand their knowledge and hopefully increase efficiency. One of the most popular tools is the Version4 Turbo Calculator. It boasts over 100 compressor maps!  We also are in the process of designing out own boost controller for your turbo charged car. Not only does it control boost based on many different engine parameters, but can be used to separately or simultaneously control methanol/ethanol injection, multistage nitrous oxide adder, 5th injector setup, or anything else your heart desires!